4 Of The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras play a major role in protecting your property from being vandalized. Although, the units are important in your business and home, not all cameras are ideal to be placed outdoors. To help you, here are some of the best outdoor security cameras in the market:


This camera is so great especially when used at night. This is because it has a 40-foot infrared shooting distance for recording at night. In addition to this, the unit has a casing that is designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

To change the angle and height of the camera, the unit comes with adjustable brackets. Since you are able to change the angle and height of the camera, you are able to record wider shots.

The good side with the camera is that it can be placed on many areas. For example, it can be mounted on outdoor walls and rooftops.


This is a waterproof camera that is designed from a tough material in order to withstand severe weather conditions. You can submerge the unit completely in water and it will not get wet on the inside.

In addition to this, the unit comes equipped with eight LEDs which record infrared night vision. The camera is also equipped with a power supply that allows it to records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To provide extra protection, the unit comes with a sun shield.

Lorex 2

Lorex 2 makes use of two outdoor cameras that record and send signals to a receiver. It has an infrared feature that allows you to record both during the day and night. To set up a wide perimeter, it’s recommended that you place the camera a distance away from the receiver.

The unit also comes with a microphone that makes it possible for an audio channel to be opened between the two cameras and receiver. To enable you to control the cameras from a distance, the units come equipped with a remote control system.


It has 24 LEDs and provides high resolution. The camera can also be connected to a TV, VCR or a computer through an RCA jack connector thus allowing you to have a larger view of what is happening. The good side with it is that it has the ability of recording movements from a long distance. For example, it’s able to record movements that are up to 45 feet away.

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