Gone are the days when dress shoes, like other shoe styles, were only available in a selective number of neutral colors. The idea was that neutral colors could be matched with a women’s entire wardrobe. With the latest technology employed by the shoe manufacturing industry, dress boots are now available in a wide range of colors. Some of these colors include dynamic hues like gold, copper, tan, silver, white, pink, green and many more. In addition to the color variations a woman can choose a shoe in various styles like pumps, sandals, sling backs, ballet flats, mules, loafers, etc.

Each of these dress shoes have their own set of unique features.

a) Pumps

• These dress shoes have a rounded or pointed toe

• They were initially crafted from leather

• The heels of the pumps are usually around 2.

• Another variation in pumps is the peep toe pumps featuring an opening at the toe

• Other styles include ankle straps

• Pumps today are being manufactured in non-leather products like synthetic suede, other synthetics and wool

b) Sandals

• These come in both casual and dress styles for women

• A sandal often has a flat or low heel

• However some of the styles in the sandals also feature heels

• Other variations include multi-straps and gloss finish

c) Sling backs

• They are more like pumps in design

• The only difference is that instead of having a copper mugs fully covered heel, the sling back has a narrow strap

• The woman’s heel in the sling back dress shoe is left exposed

d) Ballet flats

• These became popular in the twenty first century

• These are flat shoes with round toes

• The classic models in the ballet shoes also feature a bow

c) Mules

• These dress shoes are slip-ons

• Only those mules that have heels are categorized as dress boots

d) Loafers

• These dress shoes are flat

• Loafers feature a square toe

• They are usually crafted in darker neutral colors

• Because they have flat or no heels they have a masculine look

• Some variations in loafers are being crafted with heels to make them more popular with women

These dress boots types and many more can be found in different shops in markets and on e-shops existing on the World Wide Web. Those women who are looking for cost saving options in dress shoes should check out shoe wholesalers and factory outlets. Many of these kinds of outlets are not only open to wholesale buyers but to the general shopper as well.

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