Advantages of lithium-ion batteries

In these recent years, lithium batteries are being used a lot due to every new electronic requiring a lithium battery to power up. Almost every electronic requires a lithium battery to operate. Even console controllers require the use of these batteries.

It’s important to know the precautions of lithium batteries as almost everyone is using them nowadays. Keep them away from hot temperatures as they can overheat very quickly leading to the battery exploding. This can cause some serious injuries to your body and your clothes might also catch fire if it explodes near you.

A lithium polymer battery is one of the lithium batteries but it is quite different. It has a very high energy density and is very lightweight and ultra-thin. These type of batteries are usually used in mobile phones as it has a big capacity which mobiles phones need.

Here are some advantages of lithium polymer battery you should have knowledge about:

Better safety

Safety performance in polymer batteries is good compared to lithium-ion batteries as it has aluminum composite flexible packaging in the structure. It mostly has meteorism so in case of safety hazards, liquid batteries are most likely to explode than the ones with meteorism in them.


Lithium polymer batteries use electrolyte instead of metal packaging as a protective outer. This makes them lighter than usual batteries however, they are also used for different purposes and can not be used in the replacement of lithium-ion batteries.

Big capacity

This battery has a larger capacity than normal batteries which is why it’s used in mobile phones and MMS. The capacity is 10-15% more than high aluminum batteries.

The shape can be customized

Lithium polymer batteries can be customized into any shape which is why it’s easier for manufacturers to make the appropriate economic size. The thickness can be reduced or increased according to what the customer wants.

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