Brand name a Name and Logo – Together Or Separate?


Trademark a name of items or administrations, logos, mottos, bundling and even sounds and scents. Fundamentally, a brand name can be nearly whatever is utilized to recognize a specific item or administration. Enrolling a brand name concedes the proprietor selective privileges to the imprint inside the predetermined business. Obviously, it’s important to investigate the imprint completely preceding documenting to guarantee that there is no chance of encroaching upon another party.

How about we accept you’ve done your due steadiness, had exhaustive exploration directed and your name and logo are lawfully accessible. The subsequent stage is petitioning for a Federal brand name.

Presently with regards to recording, a central issue is should the name and logo be documented together or independently?

This choice will rely upon various conditions, likewise with most things in the brand name world. We should set aside some effort to go through maybe a couple situations:

1) Your exhaustive brand name research on the logo shows that it is lawfully accessible though the brand name research on the name shows a comparable, not the equivalent, name inside a related, not the equivalent, industry. Your brand name lawyer may then encourage you to record the name and logo together to guarantee enrollment.

2) In showing your imprint (for example promoting, site, labels or names, and so forth), the logo is ALWAYS displayed with the name yet the name is in some cases displayed without the logo. For this situation, you might need to record two applications – the name and logo together AND the name alone.

3) The logo you’re utilizing is the essence of your image and the name you’re utilizing is altogether engaging of your merchandise/administrations. You might need to reserve your logo just OR brand name your logo alone AND brand name the name and logo together.

Something imperative to remember paying little heed to your specific circumstance is that whatever is recorded with the USPTO is actually how you ought to utilize the imprint. The USPTO needs to consider your imprint to be you present it to your clients.

Shannon Moore is the General Manager for Trademark Express. Beginning around 1992, Trademark Express has addressed the necessities of their customers with far reaching research, application readiness, lawyer references and brand name discussion.

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