Towing service Santa Clara is known for its heavy-duty towing which is also known as commercial towing. The way they do the job is outstanding. That’s how every towing company should perform heavy-duty towing but, don’t worry when you’re done reading this article, you’ll know how to exactly do heavy-duty towing.

The first very simple thing you should know is that if you’re trained, you shouldn’t even go near heavy-duty towing as it takes months to get good at it. You’ll probably end up doing something wrong which will cause the whole process to stop. The machinery used in commercial towing is not easy to operate at all. The company you work for should train you first before sending you out to any heavy-duty towing mission.

Here’s how you can do heavy duty towing the right way:

Take a well-built truck

Taking the right truck to the mission is very important. You can’t just take any truck you get to the mission. You have to choose the truck accordingly by identifying the weight and size of the vehicle that’s about to be towed. Never make the mistake of choosing a lightweight truck for a heavy-duty towing mission as the truck won’t be able to balance the load of a heavy-weight vehicle.

Maintain a very slow speed

When going on a heavy-duty towing mission, you can’t even think about speeding because of the heavy load in the back. You’ll be carrying or dragging around 17000 lbs of weight and if you speed with that behind you, you’ll end up getting into a serious accident.

Always check tires for low pressure
With you going on many towing missions, your tires get weaker and weaker each time. This is why you should always check them for low pressure before going on any towing mission. You don’t wanna take tires that could blow out anytime to a mission.

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