Fabulous Backsplashes For Your Kitchen Update

The backsplash is an important element in the well-designed kitchen.

A beautiful peel and stick backsplash subway tile backsplash can be the focal point of your kitchen. A back splash is a relatively easy way to update a kitchen and add style and color.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are becoming very popular and can be used in virtually any style kitchen. Mosaic tiles are very tiny and usually come attached to a sheet. They go up easily and fairly quickly. Mosaic tiles come in an endless array of colors, finishes and materials. Glass mosaic tiles were at first seen mainly in the bath, but they becoming increasingly popular in Contemporary kitchens as well. Stone mosaic tiles look sensational in Old World or Traditional style kitchens. Ceramic mosaic tiles can bring color to any style kitchen.

Subway Tile: A Classic

From cottage style to contemporary, porcelain subway tile looks great in any kitchen. Subway tile is brick shaped and makes an easy and inexpensive backsplash. Subway tile comes in just about any color.

Glass Blocks

Windows installed in the backsplash can bring light to an otherwise dull, dark kitchen. If your kitchen is in the interior of the house or you don’t have much of a view glass blocks can bring in light from outdoors or another room and give a very elegant appearance to the backsplash area.

Subtle but Striking

There are few things in life more perfect than a stone tile backsplash. With or without accent tiles, trim and borders, the options are limited only by the imagination. It can easily be the focal point of the kitchen. Stone tile is at its best in warm earthy colors and stone countertops and warm wood finish cabinetry such as cherry or oak. It is the perfect counterpoint for Old World and Traditional style kitchens. The only thing that can improve on it is a coordinating mural.

Beaded-Board Backsplash

A bead board backsplash gives a kitchen a warm feel and can be used with any style kitchen but looks especially nice for cottage, farmhouse, and country, Victorian, Shaker and Traditional. Bead board can be white, cream or painted any color, it can also be wood finished. Consider pale blue or pale yellow with white cabinetry or white with black cabinets or stained to match wood finished cabinets. The possibilities are practically endless. Bead board is also a good material to use for kitchen wall cover.

Chocolate-Brown Tile

Looking for the perfect complement to ivory painted cabinetry? Consider a chocolate-brown tile backsplash. Warm and elegant it is a beautiful contrast to light painted cabinets and blends well with earthy hued stone countertops.

Metal Tile

Think metal backsplashes are too industrial? Think again. Beautiful, artistic metal wall tiles come in various styles and colors -copper, bronze, nickel and platinum – and are appropriate for any style of kitchen from Old World to Contemporary. Coordinating murals are also available.

Art tile

Art tile comes in every conceivable style. If you have a theme kitchen you are in luck because there are art tiles for you. From wine and grapes to farm animals you can design your kitchen backsplash to accommodate every theme. Relief tiles are 3 dimensional rather than flat and bring interest to your backsplash.

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