Vienna stands as one of the most beautiful places of the world. If you want to refresh your mind you can visit this wonderful city. The city tour will give you an overview of the most crucial sights of Vienna. You can see the most important street, Ringstrabe, surrounding the center area of Vienna. The city is known for some of the most famous historical monuments and buildings. You can have a glimpse at the State Opera House, the Museum of Applied Arts, The Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Fine Arts, the House of Parliament, the City Hall, the Burg theatre, the Votiv church as well as the University.

There are a number of places to visit in Vienna. The highlight of this city trip is the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace, the amazing summer house of the Habsburg family. You can see the rooms where Kaiser Franz Joseph and Maria Theresia lived and worked. This trip will also include the gorgeous Belvedere Palace. It is the summer house of Prinz Eugen.

Boat ride in Vienna is really exciting. You can take a boat trip on the Danube and have a glimpse of the Danube tower, the Prater and the famous United Nations building. From the top of the Vienna Woods, you can have a magnificent view of the city and the vineyards. Grinzing, the wine growing village is also a great attraction for the tourists.

Before actually making the trip you need to plan well. You can buy a guide book and point out the places you want to visit. The southern parts of Vienna offer beautiful sights. Many visitors fall in love with this place. The Helenental valleys, Mayerling hunting lodge, Holdrichsmühle, Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz are some of the greatest attraction of Vienna. You can also enjoy a boat ride in Seegrotte. It is known as the largest European subterranean lake.

Vienna offers a number of visiting spots. It has great historical significance. From different point of views it is named as an Art Nouveau city, medieval city, Baroque city and a nineteenth century imperial capital. It is also a city of beer, city of wine and a city of cafes. You can spend quality time with your friends and family members amidst the natural beauty and charm of Vienna.

You can have an overview of the Baroque and Secession Attractions in Vienna. Karlsplatz pavilions are worth watching. They are constructed beautifully. This monument references Baroque and Roman Classical architecture. You can also see the Rottmayr’s paintings inside the building. There is a museum also. You can get some idea about the era from the items that are kept in the museum.

Vienna offers many delicious cuisines. It is a great place for the food lovers. There are a number of restaurants and hotels in this part of the world. Vienna is also known for offering tasty wines and beers. The vineyard of Vienna is worth visiting. The city is vibrant and lively. It offers entertainment and recreation to rejuvenate the mind of the visitors. You can get swayed with the overwhelming musical experience in Vienna.

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