Green bags can keep the food and other articles kept inside it fresh for much longer duration in comparison to different types of bags. Many makers of bag like the Debbie Meyer “Green Bags” market them as food solution for quick-rotting food.

Does Green Bag Work?

One of the questions that would be nagging at the back of the mind of the prospective buyers is that whether green bags really work. While such marketing ploys in case of other reusable products or different types of reusable shopping bags could be considered scam, it will not be so in case of the bags. It has been scientifically established that this bag garden cup can keep the food fresh for quite some times.

Evolution of the Concept

Concept of making green bags was the creation of the researchers and scholars who desired to create a real eco-friendly storage system. At the same time it was also meant to address the continuing problems of environmental pollution. Devised initially in Japan, the system of using green for various purposes was quickly spread over to other parts of the world. Basically the concept is absorbing any harmful gaseous emissions and creating bags that are more environments friendly.

Prevention of Ethylene and Other Such Gasses

While ethylene is one of the essential components in plants, they also regulate the process of ripening of vegetables and fruits. In addition they also control the blooming of the flowers. Interesting feature of the component is that it does not stop just by plucking the fruits or harvesting the vegetables and keeps working.

Dangers of Plastic Bags

When food is stored in plastic bags in the fridge, the harmful ethylene is trapped inside the bag. Later when the bags are released in the open, they may bring out the stored harmful gas and endanger environmental balance besides being harmful for the health of the members of entire family.

Green Bags to Address the problem

When green are used to store food, they do not allow ethylene to constantly affect the food stored. Instead the bag absorbs the grass and does not store it.

Made with zeolite these bags work like clay in caves absorbing harmful gases. They are also perfectly safe products for storing food in them.

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