In the prophetic, there are three gifts: Prophecy, which is telling a person about their future and telling them about their current life; Word of Knowledge, which is supernatural information about a person’s life that you ordinarily wouldn’t know about that person; Word of Wisdom, is the directions, specific directions of God for a person.

God loves to couple together Word of Knowledge where He tells you about a person’s troubles or a person’s difficulties or a trial facing a person and then He gives a Word of Wisdom; a direction from Him about how they can solve their problem or solve their issue. So, the Lord likes to couple Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom together to make a complete message for a person. We all need direction from time to time but the very best direction is direction off God and when God directs and we take the direction, things work out perfectly for the person whose being directed. Don’t you think?

Well, I find that is true in my life. All of God’s directions in my life are good directions and when I obey them and follow them, things work out well for me. So, using Word of Wisdom in a prophecy is an exciting thing to do. Being able to direct a person in their life with their decisions, what they’re going to make is a wonderful thing to do in prophecy. Certainly, wouldn’t you like your pastor to come along and tell you about a problem that you’ve got in your life and then share the answers and a solution? Not only would you like to hear the solution but you’d like to practice the solution, carry it through to see it work out for your benefit.

You can be sure if the Lord gives you a Word of Wisdom for someone in prophetic evangelism, you can be sure that when they carry it out, they’ll see good success. You can be sure that the Holy Spirit and God Himself will get the praise and reward of the person. They’ll be acknowledged for where the message came from. So, it’s exciting more so than just prophecy to give a Word of Wisdom in a prophetic word.

If you give a Word of Wisdom, a directional word to a person, you’re basically directing their life for them, according to the circumstance you’re talking about. This is a good thing. This is having them act in the right way. I’ve used many, many words of wisdom in Request prophetic word evangelism. I’ll give you an example, there was a guy who, I was walking along the street and the guy was sitting down with his girlfriend and I stopped and then told him I had a message for him. He initially objected and I got around that. I’ll deal with that with the subject Dealing with Shutdowns.

I’ll share how I dealt with that in Chapter 13 but when I get to the message, I told him that within the next six months there was going to be someone who was going to give him an offer; a business sort of arrangement. They’re going to come to him with an offer that’s going to be too good to refuse. If he asks his friends and he asks people he knows, people will say it’s a scam and it’s too good to be true and not to go through with it. Yet God wants you to go through with that idea because you’re going to see success through that.

So, I hope your girlfriend remembers that when that offer comes in the next six to eight months, that you carry through and make that decision. I asked him, “Are you religious? He said he was Catholic and I said, “Well, you can thank God. Everyone sometimes, they say that person had a “lucky break.” Well, your lucky break is coming within six to eight months and you need to act on that decision, and you will be blessed.”

I had another Word of Wisdom for another guy, a Word of Knowledge and a Word of Wisdom. Like I said, they come together. I was collecting for the Salvation Army and the Lord told me that a friend of this guy getting into a Mercedes is going to approach him and talk about an idea that he’ll need financing for. It won’t because the friend is trying to scope him out for money or an investment but he’d be just sharing his idea and that God told me to tell him that he should invest his own money in this man’s idea because this man’s idea is going to be a success.

The guy then says, “Where do you get your information from?” I said, “I am a prophet. I get my information from God and God wants you to help him out. Not only that, does that from the success of that product, you’re going to get a bit of a name for being the person behind the launch of that product. God wants you to set up a trust fund that can administer money given to projects and see them have success. The trust fund will launch a lot of good ideas that make a lot of money.” He thanked me profusely for my information.

Without that Word, he may have invested in his friend’s project but now that he’s heard the Word, when the friend brings it up, he’ll be thinking, “This is the guy. This is the one, that guy collecting money for the Salvation Army, was speaking of, I am going to invest my money in this.” God will see that his friend succeeds and so does his friend with the Mercedes.

I hope that I have sufficiently explained that words of wisdom can be good. When God directs a person and the person takes the directions, they have success. When the person has success, God stands a chance to have the glory given to Him and that’s effectively what we want to do when we’re sharing with strangers. We want to direct them to God.

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