I have been a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) for many years and have trained athletes in all types of sports. I have to say that I wished that I had been introduced to kettlebells the day I started my career. However, the good news is that this ancient device has been a best friend of mine and has pushed my clients, family, friends, and myself to all new levels of strength and fitness that I never thought possible. If you are a strength professional read on to learn how this device will make your life a whole lot easier.

To start, I can say that over the many years of my career Yoga Classes For Everyday Athletes I have trained people in powerlifting, olympic lifting, and designed athletic performance programs for an array of sports teams. The kettlebell has made this job of mine much easier since I have included it into my primary method of training. I think that you can agree that the objective to develop total athleticism today involves building the athlete to be bigger, faster, and stronger.

The beauty of the kettlebell is that the method of training with it can involve both big power building movements, as well as, obtaining overall tremendous conditioning. Kettlebell training is certainly a “hybrid” type of exercise that can combine all the movements and produce all the benefits that are necessary for optimal athletic performance. If you are a strength coach or strength professional then trust me you don’t need your job to be anymore difficult than it already is.

If you are for making your job easier then you need to take the time to get familiar with the dynamic form of training that is involved with kettlebells. As a strength and conditioning professional it should be part of your duty in the first place. I’ll even make it easy for you by letting you know that you can access all of my articles for free so you have all the information you will need on training with the ancient device. Train hard and enjoy!

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