I recently completed a photo and video shoot of an aquatic workout. Basically, I got to play in the water with the iron bell and fortunately I didn’t drown! Anyway, I was asked about the workout by a female client so I wanted to elaborate on a couple of the drills here for you ladies that might be interested.

1 Aquatic Double-Arm Kettlebell Swings: cast iron kettlebells For you women that know how to perform the double-arm kettlebell swings you know how technique oriented the lift has to be in order to be successful. However, when attempting this lift in abdominal level water the dynamics of the exercise significantly change. To begin, you have to create enough force to swing the bell to chest level and we all know that this is hard enough when doing it on dry land.

However, in the water you must create even more force to fight against the resistance of the water. The good news is that it is a bit easier on the descent, but this also kills the “momentum factor” when forcing the bell back into the arc of motion for the next repetition. This is great for women to practice because the water naturally causes your body to be lighter due to the fact that our body’s are buoyant. For women this is great because it really works on the overall “strength” factor and you will drastically benefit from the overwhelming physical exertion involved in the drill.

2. Aquatic Clean and Jerk: For this drill you also benefit from the overwhelming physical exertion, but the key is developing more stabilization. By setting the kettlebell on the floor of the pool and performing the clean lift you will realize once again that your force production has to be greater to get the bell to your chest level. As soon as you rack the bell in the clean position then continue by performing the jerk to press and lock out the kettlebell overhead. Performing this movement rep after rep will create some pretty good waves in the pool.

This added chaos in the water will cause you to really have to fight against yourself to not fall off balance. This will further help your strength once you go back to dry land. This is a great drill for women’s fitness. Kettlebell drills and workouts in the water are very beneficial and can get you big time results. Give it a try ladies and get a tan at the same time!

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