Menopause is not a disease. It’s a period in every woman’s life when her body changes. Symptoms are seen in many cases and have to be treated. For many years the treatment of these symptoms was replacing female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, called hormone therapy. Treatment must contain both of these hormones because otherwise unwanted risks appear. An estrogen treatment increases the risks of uterine cancer and that’s why progesterone is used. Progesterone has the capacity of restoring libido, and strengthens bones but especially reduces the risk of uterine cancer and stops estrogen to cause it. A single estrogen therapy is recommended only for women with their uterus removed.

There are 3 types of estrogen: estradiol, estriol, and estrone. While estrone is being the weakest, the first type, estradiol, is the main estrogen of a woman’s body. It helps to reduce menopausal symptoms and risks for heart diseases and osteoporosis. A supplement of this hormone also reduces cholesterol level. The role of estriol is very important during pregnancy because it protects the urogenital region.

It’s good to know that hormone replacement therapy or estrogen replacement therapy can be a bad decision in some cases. Other treatments are recommended for women with breast cancer, or for women with problems of the uterus and women with blood clots (coagulations). Bioidentical therapy represents an alternative to hormone therapy. After a salivary or blood hormone levels test, a dosage is personalized for each person. This analyze is not relevant because it can depend on many factors that are variable such as blood hormones or saliva hormones levels that can change during the day.

Adepts of this kind of treatment consider it the best, even though is not recommended by specialists. Bioidentical hormones are supposed to be identical to the ones a women’s body produces. As we said specialists do not agree with the way of preparing this kind of hormones because methods of preparation are different and none of it is approved.

That’s why menopausal women should consider going to a specialist that can surely prescribe an exact medication for each case. Menopause specialist in Katy Texas symptoms are different from a woman to another and that’s why a medical advice is necessary, especially when it comes to hormone therapy because of its’ side-effects and, in some cases, unwanted consequences like osteoporosis or heart-attacks. These situations can be avoided if a proper treatment is prescribed, not by any doctor but by an experienced professional.

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