A tow truck driver is the one that is responsible to steer and handle a truck that is specifically assigned for the purpose of towing. The tow truck drivers typically are responsible for maneuvering the tow vehicle to a specific place based on the request made by the customer over phone or by any other means. The tow vehicles usually vary based on the request of the client while the purpose of the driver is to load the towing vehicles into it or either connect it through chains and hooks. The job of the driver is to transport the towing vehicles from one place to another, while unloading the towing vehicles from the truck after reaching the desired destination and handing it over to the owners of the vehicles or the designated parties. The requirement for becoming a tow truck driver is not much of a hassle, although it demands time and effort and the skills of maneuvering a vehicle properly and with care. You can find job opening at your local areas such as in tow truck Milpitas. Following are the list of trucks that are used as tow vehicles in order to give you a slight idea of what might come at you.


Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed tow truck consists of an empty bed like flat top that is attached at the rear end of the tow truck. They are designed to carry the vehicles on the top of the flatbed, hence are considered to be the safest form of towing carrier.


Normal Winch Tow Truck

These kind of tow trucks consists of winch, hooks and chains that connects the towing vehicle from the tow truck. This kind is usually considered as a rough method therefore they are used to pull damaged cars.


Hydraulic Lift Tow Truck

This kind of tow truck consists of a hydraulic lift on which the towing vehicle is loaded.

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